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Natural Light Studio

Offering a 10′ x 10′ Window that allows light to come pouring in all day long, our Natural Light Studio is a photographers dream come true! The west facing window let sin ambient light up until about 3pm, in the afternoon, the light begins to let in direct rays all afternoon and evening long, including gorgeous golden light just before sunset.

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Portrait-Studio-Header-Image Studio

Portrait Studio

With Professional Strobe Lights as well as a wide variety of photographic backdrops mounted on the walls and ceiling, the portrait studio is the perfect space to create breathtaking studio imagery!

tHEME Studio

The possibilities for creative expression are endless. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a hobbyist, you’ll find inspiration in every corner of our Theme studio. Sets are designed to be fun, quirky, and unique, providing endless possibilities for imaginative and exciting shots. 

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