Advanced Studio Lighting


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Key – Fill – Kick – Rim – Hair – Backdrop – OCF – Mounted – Strobe – Flash… ALL THE LIGHTS!  Are you ready to go beyond the one and two light setups and start to build purposeful lighting sets in this hands-on lighting workshop!  Join us as we go step by step in choosing the right modifier, selecting the perfect positioning, and adding each light to your set, to elevate your image from good to great; from outstanding to breath taking!  At its core, photography is simply the capturing of light, in this course we will give you the tools to capture like a pro!

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Jump In To The Deep End Of Studio Lighting Adventure!
~ Add That Extra Pop (of light) To Your Images
~ Utilize Shadow and Highlights To Create Photographic Art
~ Confidently Setup 3, 4, 5, and Even More Lighting Scenarios
~ Get the Right Look Everytime, With Working Knowledge of Light Setups
~ Interactive Coaching to Perfect Your Lighting Setups!