West Sioux Studios Favorite Images – Winter 2020

The end of winter is right around the corner, and we are already feeling the love of the beautiful spring weather as it slowly melts the snow and warms our hearts; what better time to look back on some of our favorite shots from the studio this winter.  It has been amazing to see all of the terrific photographers that call West Sioux Studios home, and a handful of guests, creating some really wonderful work!  I don’t think there is a genre of photography that hasn’t been tried in studio in the past three months!  We seen newborns, cake smashes, glitter galore, families, children, documentary photography, boudoir, seniors, food/product, and I’m sure a few more that I can’t even remember.  Thank you to our photographers and their models, and thank you to our community for all of your support and involvement, as we try to build a special community to for all of Sioux Falls Photographers to come, learn from each other, collaborate together, and most importantly create beautiful art!  Here are our Favorite shot from winter 2020 in no particular order:

Bill Delaney - From Our Studio Lighting Class

West Sioux Studios - Bill Delaney - 8

Bill captured a whole series of terrific images during the West Sioux Studios – Studio Lighting Class (be sure to check them all out – click here). But this one in particular is one of our favorites!

Georgia Phillips - Shutter-Up Photography - Glitter Mini's

WSS - Georgia Phillips - 69

Georgia Phillips with Shutter-Up Photography did a number of glitter session mini’s this winter; each one more fantastic that the one before! This was one of our favorite captures from her collection! Shout out to her helpers, it is no easy job to clean up after a glitter shoot! See more of Georgia’s work on her business page – www.facebook.com/shutterupsd/

Dez Murray - Dez Daily Photography - Food Photography Class

WSS - Food Photography Class - Dez Murray - 1

Dez has been working away on an amazing project entitled Breaking Stigma – a beautiful look at the human side to addiction (head over to Facebook.com/dezdailyphotography to see and learn more).  While those images are far more important and impactful, it was such a pleasure to see how much fun and how creative Dez was during our Food Photography Mixer at West Sioux Studios.  The teamwork was amazing, the ideas were flowing and I think this images is just a small glimpse of the creative power that is Dez Murray – definitely one of our favorite images!

Chressie Muecke - Muecke Photography - Boudoir Session

West Sioux Studios - Chressie Muecke - 6

Chressie became a member at West Sioux Studios right after we created our “Lifestyle Studio.”   While she has done plenty of shoots in our other shooting spaces including maternity, 1 year old cake smashes, families, and more, we feel like her work in the lifestyle studio has really set the bar and defined that space.  This image in particular has so much character, you can feel how cozy her model is all wrapped up in a blanket with the beautiful warm light all around her!  You can see Chressie’s other work on her Facebook Profile – Muecke Photograhy!

Katherine Akins - Kaptured Moments Photography - Cake Smash Session

West Sioux Studios - Katherine Akins - 39

That is the look of a satisfied young man!  Katherine always does an amazing job of transforming the studio space!  With tons of backdrops and props she creates a unique set for almost everyone of her shoots, it is always exciting to see what she is going to post next!  See more captures by Kaptured Moments Photography – show me more!

Madeleine Scott and Conrad Dahl

WSS - Conrad Dahl and Maddie Scott - 3-1

Maddie was the very first model to be photographed at West Sioux Studios and she has been coming back with Conrad Dahl snapping new pictures and capturing gravity defying poses ever since!  Her behind-the-scenes shots are always our favorite (check out WestSiouxStudios.com to see our favorite BTS with Maddie – it’s our main header image!).  Her pose looks so effortless, but we all know what would happen if we tried to do it!  Both of these awesome people have truly become great friends of West Sioux Studios!  Check out more amazing shots and poses on Maddie’s instagram – www.instagram.com/madsavscott/

Jaice Shakespaere - La Paix Photo - Maternity Shoot

WSS - Jaice Shakespaere - 1

Children’s and Maternity Photography are always sure to be crowd favorites, put the two of them together and you have an adorable factor x100!  You can not help but fall in love with this beautiful capture by Jaice.  Be sure to check out more of on her instagram feed – La Paix Photo!

Kaedyn Chamberlain - KC Imagery - Mommy and Me

WSS - Kadeyn Chamberlain - 10

Kaedyn is one of our newest members, but she hasn’t wasted anytime capturing the full beauty of this mommy and baby in the lifestyle studio.  This shot through the hanging lace tulle is just awesome!  Tons of other great images can be viewed here!

Kaedyn Chamberlain - KC Imagery - Mommy and Me

WSS - Michael Woolheater - 1

Michael was the first photographer in our new Lifestyle Studio.  The images he captured of Connor and Paisley are instant classics!  From the fantastic posing to the use of the lacey veil in front of the camera this is definetly a next level image and a fantastic display of what can be captured in West Sioux Studios!  See more of Michael’s work on his instagram page  – https://www.instagram.com/michaelwoolheater/

Kaedyn Chamberlain - KC Imagery - Mommy and Me

WSS - Morgan Kistler - 3

Morgan Kistler won a free shoot at West Sioux Studios and she sure captured some terrific images.  You can check out the entire collection on her instagram page – here is our favorite image from MK Intimate Moments Photography!

Hannah Cramer - Hannah Elise Media - Professional Headshots

WSS - Hannah Cramer - HannahEliseMedia - 2

Hannah Cramer is one of our newest friends at West Sioux Studios.  She booked an hour to come in and capture this terrific image among a few others.  We loved having you out to the studio Hannah, can’t wait to see you again!  See more of Hannah’s work here – www.instagram.com/hannahelisemedia/

Kim Fahey - Kim Fahey Photography - Family Shoot

WSS - Kim Fahey Photography - 2

Kim was among the first photographers to capture images in the new West Sioux Studios Kitchen and Venue space across the hall from our studio.  These natural light images highlight this family so well!  We hope to see Kim in the studio capturing more of amazing images soon! See more of her work at Kim Fahey Photography Facebook Profile Page.

Andrea Jacobson - Nova Photography

WSS - Andrea Jacobson - 36-1

Andrea and Nova Photography have done a terrific job of capturing beautiful images in our new lifestyle studio at West Sioux Studios.  Aside from this green and yellow jersey this image is one of our favorites that she has shared from her many shoots!  See more at Nova Entertainment and Photography on Facebook – www.facebook.com/djnovaentertainment/

Thank you to all of the members and guests to West Sioux Studios who have captured these images and more!  We are grateful for you and we are grateful for the beautiful work that you do in our studios.  It is so exciting to think about what spring has in store!