Flyboy Donuts and Vanilla Bean Kings Come To WSS

On Wednesday March 4th, we had a blast in the studio!  Flyboy Donuts and Vanilla Bean Kings donated treats and products to us to photograph.  We scoured the town for interesting props and other cool items to go with the pictures.  Maggie showed a few samples of great product and food photography shots and gave a few pointers. And then we were off.

The creativity that was buzzing about in our two studios was thrilling to see!  What started off as a few boxes of donuts, some empty coffee cups, and a couple packages of vanilla beans quickly turned into art; and not just art, but amazing creations and expressions of pure creative genius.  A Blueberry Donut surrounded by blueberries on a white plate and purple flowers. A jelly filled donut cut in half with jelly spilling out next to vibrant orange slices and colorful berries.  A glazed knot powdered with sugar next to a luscious blend of cream and coffee.  All set on decadent backdrops… my mouth is literally drooling.

But don’t take my word for it… check out the pictures.  Keep in mind many of our participants that night had never dabbled in food / product photography, yet here is the proof of their astounding creativity!

To be honest this was an event that almost didn’t happen!  Sure we thought it would be fun, but I wasn’t sure if we could pull it off.  With continued requests from the community for a mixer or get together or class, we decided to try and do a little bit of each, with our biggest emphasis being on doing something new and having a boat load of fun!

Well… no doubt fun indeed had by the metric tons, but the outstanding final presentations were certainly the surprise of the night!  We can’t wait to do it again!  Thank you to all of our members and guests who participated and a special thank you to Flyboy Donuts and Vanilla Bean Kings for sponsoring our products and treats!