How To: 7 Steps To Creating Magical Winter Shoots!

Let’s face it! We live in South Dakota!  Winter is cold!  But hey… we’re photographers, not grizzly bears!  Who says we have to hibernate just because the mercury drops!  Winter sessions make for prime photo ops!  Don’t write off the brr months, use these 7 steps to keep the photography magic flowing all year long!

  1. Keep Your Options Open – Sioux Falls and the surrounding area has indoor shooting sets in abundance!  Whether you are looking for an amazing indoor studio to shoot at (Might I suggest renting a few hours right here at West Sioux Studios!), or a more stylized location; a beautiful shoot is just a phone call away.  Winter photoshoots don’t have to mean bearing the frigid temps!  Broaden your horizons and try something new!

  2. Embrace The 4 Letter S-Word – I’m talking about snow, of course!  For some of us snow ranks right up there with the other profanities!  But all joking aside, those white winter days right after a snowfall can result in some seriously gorgeous photographs.  Try booking a session with an indefinite shoot date – when the forecast calls for snow, get on the phone and let your model know, “Today is the day!”  A little spontaneity (there is another S-Word some of us don’t like!) won’t hurt you too much!  Snow is literally a built in prop!  Snow-Man, Snow-Angel, Snow-Fort, Snowball Fight, Blowing Snow, Catching Snowflakes on Your Tongue, the photographic potential is overwhelming!

  3. Accessorize! – There are few things more heart warming than a big family canvas full of smiling kiddos and loving parents all wrapped in cozy knit scarves, beautiful sweaters, adorable boots, mittens and more.  Don’t apologize… accessorize!  Your models will thank you!

    7 tips for awesome winter shoots
  4. Plan, Plan, Plan – Nothing will dampen an amazing shoot faster than a fussy, cold model!  Ensure your wardrobe is appropriate for the weather.  Bring extra blankets to wrap up in in-between shots.  Mix in some indoor and outdoor locations. And a bribe of hot chocolate after the session – goes a long way!

  5. Pop In The Color – Bright white landscapes are beautiful, but it is the pop of color that will make your models stand out!  Especially warm colors like Red and Orange.  Mix them into your wardrobe, tie them in with accessories, or shamelessly toss in a few vibrant props!  However you do it, just capture the color, the blank white snow canvas is begging you!

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  6. Pack The Necessities – Bring tissues, hand-warming packs, clean clothes and hot beverages to keep everyone perky throughout the shoot. Pay attention to red noses (not Rudolph) and foggy glasses.  Extra gloves, hats, scarves, and blankets can make you a life saver… No really… you might save someone’s life… it’s cold out there!  Then you can market yourself as a “Life Saving Photographer!”

  7. Beat The Clock – No matter how much fun you are having… you are on a clock.  It can get really cold, and fun snow ball fights turn into shivering fits of gloom when Jack Frost gets to nipping.  A shorter session may be in order. Make the most of your photos by using every single second to the max, ESPECIALLY at the beginning of the session when everyone’s still warm and spirits are particularly high!

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