Move Forward in 2020… By Looking Back!

Download 2019 Image Collages:

I think every photographer… every creative person… basically every business should take a moment to look back at the end of the year! The lessons are invaluable! From seeing your growth over the past 365 days, to reacquaint yourself with past faces and projects, to finding inspiration for the year to come, so much can be learned from reflection; and what better time to do that than today – New Years Day!

If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, just click on some of your old files from the beginning of the year. See how things were looking last January and take an inventory… it might be scary, hopefully you’ve improved in your craft since then, maybe you’ve gotten worse… either way, you can’t know the ground you’ve covered without looking back. Would you crop a photo differently if you worked on it today? Have you learned a new editing style? Was that the session you dreaded working on while it was current, but looking back on it now it really wasn’t that bad (or has it gotten worse with time!). Okay, that didn’t take too long, and I’m sure you’re better for it… right?!

If you’ve got a little bit more time on your hands – or if you are willing to MAKE more time for it – go through more of your old files! One easy way to do this rather than going through .cr2 and .jpegs is to head to your Facebook or Instagram stream! The added benefit is you can shoot a quick message to your models and clients in the photos. Shoot out something like, “Looking back on 2019, and I remember how much fun this shoot was with you! Hope everything is going well as we kick off 2020!” or something like that. You can’t spend time photographing someone, especially families, kiddos, and couples, as well as hours editing those images and not fall a little bit in love with them! A genuine, heart felt message conveys that feeling to your clients, along with the added benefit of reminding them just how awesome it was to work with you too! It never hurts to put yourself “top of mind” with past clients! Take it a step further and put together a 2019 collage or video slideshow and send it to your models and clients!

If you want to jump all the way off the deep end with this reflection thing – lets see if there are somethings you want to try again or do better this year. Look at your past images until something speaks to you, and it can be positive or negative. Do you hate the way your models seem to have fly away hairs, make it apart of your work flow to fix those before you capture shots or learn how to edit them out. Do some of your images just glow? When did you take them, can you try and find that perfect setup again? You can literally start adding things to your to do list to improve your business and craft by simply looking back!

Here is a quick video, looking back at 2019 at West Sioux Studios!

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