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Exclusive Newborn Photography Workshop with Jen Knightstep

Newborn Photography Class ~ $99

  • Capture Beautiful, Dynamic Images to elevate Your Newborn Photography Portfolio and impress Your clients
  • Personalized instruction from expert newborn photographer, Jen Knightstep
  • Invaluable tips, tricks and techniques on lighting, composition, wrapping, soothing, posing and more
  • Hands-on opportunities to practice new skills with your own camera

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Walk away from our class with a newfound confidence in your ability to wrap and pose newborns, as well as tips and tricks for lighting and composition that will set you apart from the competition. Plus, capture beautiful, dynamic images that will elevate your portfolio and leave your clients in awe. Best of all, you’ll leave with a newfound excitement and passion for this amazing art form.

Guided Maternity Shoot - Intro
Modeling Sioux Falls Workshop

Not only will you learn how to take stunning newborn images in our natural light studio, but you’ll also gain valuable knowledge and mentorship from an experienced photographer. And the best part? All attendees will have access to our studio and equipment to practice their newly acquired skills. You’ll also have the chance to create long-lasting relationships with other photographers and parents in the area.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create lasting memories and learn new skills from our expert instructor. Register now for our upcoming Newborn Photography Class and master the art of newborn photography.

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Sioux Falls Modeling Workshop Photography Class